Sunday, November 11, 2012

Group Prensentations

Group Presentations are like hell on earth to me. They put together the two things I hate most in this world, and that is presenting in front of a crowd, though when I have too I milk that shit and make it my own (Thanks Dr. Campbell) and the other thing that is having to rely on other people. 

Now when I say this I mean, I am the biggest procrastinator of all time, in fact I really think I should get a gold medal in it because I have to write a power point for tomorrows presentation in Forensic Anthropology and I hate the library so much that I put off going here and renting the case study until now, 8:45pm on a sunday night.  Yeah. Exactly I'm horrible.  So I know that my co-presenters hate me because they probably spend their time panicking that I'm not going to get my shit in gear. And then I do and it looks bombass and they just shut their face; but until that happens I'm pretty sure they just cringe at the thought of working with me.

So far I've had four group presentations that I've done.  One is to be done on Tuesday,  the one tomorrow and then I did two with another group of friends that was awesome.   The first one I did with my group for Ethics was panicked and last minute but we managed and did pretty well.  The next one we did was so great that I wanted to cry.  It was beyond perfect. We'll ignore the fact that I love my group because the people in it our bombass and awesome.

This group for tomorrow is made up of people I never really talk to outside of us all having to squeeze through the doorway at the same time twice a week when we leave class so this should be pretty interesting. Especially since the three of them all know each other and I only kind of know one.   The presentation that is on Tuesday is made up of two people that I know and two others that are nice but one isn't ever there, so I'm kind of scared for her.  Our cardboard presentation came out so pretty though, and we put it all together one Friday morning in the basement of our library.

Which is another thing to discuss.  I have been in our library maybe, five times, and thats only to print something out. and the comps and printers are in the very front of the library so I've never actually been anywhere else in this library.  Apparently it has an upstairs, I know this because I have seen it from the outside, but I don't actually know where the stairs to the upstairs are, I just know that the downstairs in the outer portion lead to the Starbucks cafe. And that is it.  But apparently there is a secret staircase in side of the library that leads to the basement.  It's amazing.  In the basement it is dead silent and there are huge cubicles that people can use for doing group projects and what not.  One of my friends in my group pres. took us down there. My world totally expanded, it was awesome. 

Never the less I hate these things, I hate group presentations soooooo very much.  And I have 7 that I have to do for this semester alone.

Jesus tap dancing christ someone shoot me now please.  I've only done two, two more are still waiting, and three more haven't even been started yet.

This shit is ridiculous and I hate it.

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